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A clothing factory boss readme

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
A clothing factory boss readme! Mr CAI is a clothing factory in shenzhen, he found that there are many clients to reflect on the market, the requirements for thermal transfer printing with heat transfer vinyl material. He through introducing the customer and online query, found the sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site, through the communication with customers, to complete the deal. Here is this Mr. CAI with the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory communication process. I want to buy machine products, but after consulting to know this machine is not only heat transfer vinyl. This machine is a great concept, it includes heat transfer vinyl, decorative film, printing film & hellip; … And different areas of their claims. Originally I thought that this machine is after carving waste can be hot stamping heat transfer vinyl, but after, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory business personnel detailed answer to me, I didn't know I fit is not necessarily the heat transfer vinyl, there may be other class of film. I accepted, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory business personnel experience for free samples first order proposal again, but when I received the sample test, found that hot stamping not firm. I subjective thought is the quality problem of the machine, to give up this machine manufacturers, but received a return visit to business personnel, I tell the problem to the business personnel, business personnel objective analysis of the problem, give me a solution, I once again test sample by what he says, the hot stamping effect is good. Good services and high quality products, professional business people impressed me and so on aspects, I think can be big. Didn't think a couple of days before order, these days is the delivery speed is not generally fast. You can call 400 - 8896 - 123 also can be in alibaba shops, WeChat public or website ( ) Direct link above. In order to experience the good, the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory manufacturer or trustworthy, can go to the factory visit. ( The articles for the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory original, 20 years machine manufacturers, indicate the source! )
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