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A common problem analysis heat transfer printing

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Thermal transfer printing common problem analysis. Thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl are thermal transfer of new products, the quality of touch, good heat transfer effect personalized turn hot without being limited by the design and color, using a variety of color film collocation can create more rich elegant design. Customers to share a few common problems and their solutions. A, brunet fabrics can be used to hollow out the patterns of the printed color film do? Answer: can, can be designed to hollow out the pattern style, print it out, then use laser machine for cutting, products ripped from the excess waste can be present when this kind of effect. Second, return visit customer feedback, our Q5 can print film is too thin, the impression of very hot and clothing lines will come out! A: this may be related to fabric, Q5 - 2 is the thickness of the 13 c and Q1. Q2 almost, is normally won't appear this problem, and the customer is the thickness of the 7 c, before 8 c, first determine which category, if the customer with the thickness of thin to use on the cotton T-shirt, it is possible to appear this kind of circumstance. If the customer take the Q5 - is 13 c 2 will appear this kind of circumstance, can send hot good fabric test, likely secondary to turn very hot: tear up film directly, the cloth on the equipment directly to the above turn hot, turn will appear this kind of iron base color and clothing lines will come out. Third, return visit customer feedback, thermal transfer vinyl products of our company didn't wash water test report, and on the basis of what to determine can reach 50 times wash water? Answer: currently on the market almost no special wash water detection for enterprise to do such a body, so our inspection washing is the company's internal report! Detection is divided into two foreign inspection standards and its standards, its testing standard is to use 45 & deg; C water temperature in the domestic washing machine, under half an hour for a, foreign testing standard is to use 45 & deg; C above the water temperature in the washing machine abroad, for an hour once! The above three is a common problem of thermal transfer film solution, there are other common problems in thermal transfer film, can log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866! Thermal transfer information hand more!
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