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A common problem analysis machine

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Common problem analysis machine! Sen the sunrise as heat transfer vinyl factory 20 years thermal transfer materials manufacturers, have enough experience for the customer to solve the problems in the thermal transfer. So senior sen the sunrise by the heat transfer vinyl factory engineer to share when using this machine, how to solve these problems. 1) Q5 - 2 spray carved in the process of material easy to skid, what is the solution? Answer: 1) Edge, press wheel increased pressure. 2) , injection process the slowing down of the machine. 2) The thickness of the starry sky? Thickness, plaid? Heat seal application and instructions, why above 450 ℃? Q16- 1,杆子有着, 2,杆子有着, What is the difference between 3 performance? A: please login to the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory site ( ) 3) Q1 - 4 the sublimation heat transfer vinyl itself after hot color will infiltrate into the color layer? A: will, cloth molecule is not stable, Q1 - 4 products can only extend the time ( Such as 1 - Valid for 3 months) 。 4) About shoes material manufacturer, use TPU high and low temperature membrane, which should be paid attention to? Answer: 1) Verification for good color, thickness, small sample test. 2) , the sunrise heat transfer vinyl minimum quantity of 500 square meters factory customized products. 5) Do tinted, appear the wrinkling, parameter is normal after customers turn hot, how should solve? Answer: 1) Pack a breathable cloth, pressure plate. 2) Above, using the scroll wheel, or hot pressing is a customer in the solution of these problems when using this machine, and want to know more about this machine information or free samples, login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site ( ) , or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! ( The above articles, the sunrise, heat transfer vinyl factory 20 years ink manufacturers, indicate the source! )
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