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【 After the outbreak. Thermal transfer in the future?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
The outbreak of the influence of thermal transfer industry is not small, more people are focusing on sustainable fashion, environmental protection and related cases. In this paper, combined with the trend of the heat transfer heat transfer vinyl, and everybody to study the effects of the outbreak, the fashion industry and thermal transfer the creative personage of the industry, how to seize the future direction. McKinsey expects: in 2020, growth will be a 3 - to the fashion industry 4% ( Or lower) 。 “ Challenge & throughout; 、“ Not sure & throughout; 、“ Disruptive & throughout; Are the most common words in this outbreak. Although isolation is very important to the disease control, but the long-term isolation will lead to economic collapse, and & other; Trust & throughout; Can resolve contradictions and better cope with the crisis and reduce the identity difference and identity personality and identity is not perfect, can let a person find consensus, the integration innovation! In the 'report of global fashion forms, put forward a clear trend: & other; To embrace a culture of tolerance & throughout; 。 Including enterprise tolerant attitude towards the diversity of the employees, tolerant attitude towards different cultures and so on. About, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph: pyrograph sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory of thermal transfer material co. , LTD. , the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory headquarters factory is located in fujian, founded in 1996, so far, monthly production reached 100000 ㎡, the average sales volume has reached 8000 / month, 100000 / year. Customers in many fields: the fashion industry, cross-border electricity, printing plant, clothing companies, garment factories, the advertising industry, shoes and hats manufacturer & hellip; … Sen the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory for more than 20 years, has accumulated and refined for thermal transfer market insight, is ready to cope with the challenge of the market. More information please visit the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph website ( This article for the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory original, reproduced indicate the source)
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