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Application in the field of heat transfer vinyl in men's clothing

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Application in the field of heat transfer vinyl in men's clothing. Heat transfer vinyl is widely used in the field of clothing fashion and personality, heat transfer vinyl in some women's applications will be more lively, as is commonly thought that men's clothing design is less, so the application of heat transfer vinyl is also a lot of a lot, but the idea has certain limitations, heat transfer vinyl can also be widely used in many men's wear, to listen to small make up slowly. 1. LOGO on the ordinary clothes, sportswear, Numbers, letters are all can do 2. Casual wear: including the yacht vacation Dijon wind, army style, luxury sports, outdoor adventure wind wind wind and so on the yacht vacation: above the coat can complete the transfer printing design or it is digital, letter is done by heat transfer vinyl, with different heat transfer vinyl series can make a different effect, laser heat transfer vinyl sense of luxury. Imitation metal heat transfer vinyl metallic simple sense. Army Dijon style: handsome hale soldiers temperament can be displayed by army Dijon style, and army RongFeng camouflage elements are the main ones. Camouflage element by heat transfer vinyl transfer printing on clothes, in addition to camouflage, camouflage chest badges, text and other elements may be used. Luxury sports, outdoor adventure wind: wind of mountaineering wear, quick-drying clothes and so on, with most than chest top right corner or under your pants, in the form of marks, or chest capitals, letters. Because the shirt is more formal and less reference thermal transfer (vinyl) products, but as the men's individual character T-shirt heat transfer vinyl is chosen as the metropolitan details. This is heat transfer vinyl is widely used in the field of men's wear, men's clothing did not imagine so few species. Want to know more about heat transfer vinyl applications can log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) , the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service wholeheartedly for your service! More heat transfer vinyl fascinating information in control!
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