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Bond giant knitting fabric suitable for pyrograph?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Bond giant knitting fabric with original fabric texture, high density mercerized cotton, single jersey, fleece fabrics, jacquard fabrics, polyester fabrics, polyester fabrics, modal fabrics. The state can giant knitting fabric pyrograph? The answer can be one of the many can do pyrograph fabric, but need a pyrograph test according to the particularity of the fabric. Then introduce how with bond giant knitting fabric pyrograph test to determine what type pyrograph fabrics suitable. Through the following five main reason to determine bond giant knitting fabric suitable for pyrograph? 1. Environmental protection material different bond giant a-class pyrograph adopts imported polyurethane knitted fabrics, and OEKO - by SGS TEX100 environmental protection certification. Class B pyrograph domestic acrylic material, no environmental certification. 2. Elasticity and color fastness to different grade A pyrograph can be customized according to customer's fabrics, such as high elastic pyrograph, super soft, flat backing machice. Class B pyrograph applied to low, no cloth, ordinary fastness. 3. Washing test different class A pyrograph by American standard washing test, washing frequency can reach more than 40 times and class B pyrograph without washing test. 4. Prices different grade A pyrograph than class B pyrograph price is high. 5. Bond giant knitting fabric production process above is on bond giant knitted fabrics have a pyrograph analysis, if you want to test please contact customer service to receive the samples.
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