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【 Buying guide. 】 How to choose the hot melt adhesive film

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
【 Buying guide. 】 How to choose the hot melt film! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory & middot; Hot melt adhesive film, there are many kinds of fabrics and materials, adhesive bonding performance is superior, washable. Application of seamless fusing clothing cloth and cloth, fabric and zipper, trademark and so on the adhesion between; Such as: seamless fusing underwear, cases, bags, shoes and hats, leather and other industries. Different adhesive needs to choose the types of hot melt adhesive film is different also. 1, color. By the color of the adhesive material is different, color requirements for hot melt adhesive film should be different. If it be adhesive content itself to the color no special requirements, it is recommended to use yellow hot melt adhesive film, generally speaking, yellow hot melt adhesive film is better than white sticky, more flexible. 2, the adhesive surface treatment. Hot melt adhesive film on the adhesive material surface treatment without other adhesive is so strict, but be sticky on the surface of the dust, oil pollution also should do the appropriate processing, hot melt adhesive film can better play a role of adhesive. 3, homework time. Homework is an important characteristic of hot melt adhesive film quickly. Hot melt adhesive film homework time generally in 15 seconds, with modern production mode - - Assembly line is widely used, less operation time requirements of hot melt adhesive film, such as books binding and speaker manufacturing of hot melt adhesive film work time requirements for 5 seconds. 4, resistance to temperature. Hot melt adhesive film is more sensitive to temperature. The temperature reached a certain degree, hot melt adhesive film begins to soften, below a certain temperature, hot melt adhesive film will become fragile, so choose hot melt adhesive film must fully consider the product environment temperature change. 5, sticky. Hot melt adhesive film adhesive points late early viscosity and viscosity. Only late early viscosity and viscosity is consistent, can make the hot melt adhesive film and adhesive content remained stable. In the process of production of hot melt adhesive film, should guarantee its oxygen resistance, brine resistance, resistance to acid, alkali and a plastic. Be adhesive material is different, hot melt adhesive film's viscosity is also different, therefore, should choose according to different material different hot melt adhesive film. Starting from the five aspects, according to their own needs, choose suitable hot melt adhesive film. Learn more hot melt adhesive film login information, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! ( Above article is the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory original, 20 years thermal transfer materials manufacturers, indicate the source! )
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