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Carton printing machine performance characteristics

by:Senxi      2021-04-07
The carton printing machine uses water-based ink to print and is designed based on front-line operators. It is simple and quick to operate, easy to adjust, accurate in processing, wide in application, real materials, and neat in appearance. The carton printing machine has electric clutch, pneumatic ink supply, pneumatic lifting plate, stop ink uniformity, pneumatic lock group, pneumatic lock gear, planetary phase, electric phase, electric box height, electric box width, gear spray lubrication, host frequency conversion speed control And other multi-functional configuration. In short, the carton printing machine has a super high cost performance. The carton printer (printing slotting machine) is a comprehensive carton processing equipment that integrates the five processes of printing, slotting, corner cutting, crimping, and trimming. Its characteristic: It adopts semi-automatic chain worktable to feed materials. All transmission gears are made of high-precision helical gears, with long service life, low noise and stable operation. The adjustment system adopts electric planetary 360° circumferential adjustment or manual 360° circumferential adjustment to ensure non-stop adjustment. The ink guide system uses high-precision anilox rollers for pneumatic ink supply, and an independent motor for ink distribution, pneumatic pick-up, can stop the ink without stopping, and improve the service life of the anilox roller and the ink distribution roller. The transmission system adopts a gapless fit to ensure the accuracy of color registration, increase the life of the gear, and reduce noise. The slotting part adopts four knives to adjust the box height synchronously. Positive jog setting, computer digital input, improve work efficiency. The CAD module design of the whole machine adopts electric walking and pneumatic locking. Article finishing: screen printing machine /news.htm
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