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Carving membrane manufacturers with glitter heat transfer vinyl

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Carving membrane manufacturers with glitter heat transfer vinyl? In carving film manufacturer or distributor buy heat transfer vinyl, if want to fully understand a kind of heat transfer vinyl, watch the color and specifications are not enough, also note the product this information! Golden onion heat transfer vinyl, for example, to share product knowledge points. Glitter heat transfer vinyl how to 1, the existing color: color rich, clear, dozens of color can offer an alternative, personalized turn hot without being limited by the figure, and the color is the product of special advantage, use a variety of color thermal transfer vinyl collocation can create more rich elegant design. 2, suitable for material: any brunet with light color and textile fabrics, and feel good, no crack, soft and elastic, no fading, do not fade, machine wash and hand wash off, no peculiar smell, fashion and environmental protection. 3, can be printed: suitable printed uniforms number the number in the text, sports lovers personalized design, transfer printing logo text enterprises overalls, non-woven suit children's wear, jacket, sportswear, sun umbrella, synthetic materials, leather bag gloves, tent can seal the sun umbrella diving & rsquo; After a hot than traditional screen printing effect is good, and not bad, very good adhesiveness, opaque color printing dark clothes, have stereo feeling, after the printing press down again, with high temperature cloth for better efficacy. 4, simple to use, only need a computer carving machine and pyrograph machine can finish printing, quick processing! 5, time and temperature, average product requires a temperature of 150 ℃, time of 10 ~ 20 s, special materials, such as non-woven fabric, Oxford cloth, etc. Glitter heat transfer vinyl manufacturer information is also not to be missed. As 21 years production experience of professional manufacturer of thermal transfer materials/pyrograph, sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory company equipped with complete facilities, product variety and has a variety of international authoritative inspection certification, product stability and high quality of well received by customers and trust. Thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl types in the majority, often based on different materials derived from different heat transfer vinyl. Glitter heat transfer vinyl is a living example. To board Lu Senxi heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory wholeheartedly for your service!
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