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Clothing manufacturers choose machine factory?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Clothing manufacturers choose machine factory? In the past ten years, China's electricity, rapid development, people are habitual buying goods from the Internet. Gradually accustomed to this new way of consumption, never leave home can buy goods. With the rise of electricity, more and more manufacturers have joined the electricity, the machine factory team is becoming more and more big, the parcel from the coastal area, Wuxi, wenzhou, ningbo, quanzhou, putian, shenzhen and other cities, series connection has the clothing shoes and hats industry) Sent to the inland. Strong electricity has been increasingly a reversed transmission force for upper garment production, asking them to better and faster to supply clothing products, and to the clothing company's product quality control and supplier management has a higher requirements. Therefore, when selecting a machine manufacturer, need to be more cautious, and according to the following inspection machine factory. 1. Unified product standards according to their own clothing company set a thermal transfer film receiving standard product requirements, the most fundamental is to have environmental protection certification, even have waste, good color fastness requirements. Many clothing company procurement will encounter very talking machine salesman, but it's really the more often the blow, the easier it is a problem. Product standards, adhere to this line, can ensure the quality of products. 2. On-the-spot investigation factory looking for this machine factory, be sure to look at factory. This is to prevent the salesman, but to a deeper understanding of thermal transfer membrane suppliers, convenient after cooperation. If you want to establish long-term cooperative relations, this step must not provinces. 3. New factory cooperation need to be careful, to apply for sample testing new contact thermal transfer film factory do the quality of the products can not pass, must take first sample test, is in line with the requirements. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph is 24 years thermal transfer film wholesale manufacturer, more information please visit: (machine factory This article, the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory original reproduced indicate the source)
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