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Clothing thermal transfer printing need hot melt adhesive film?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Clothing thermal transfer printing need hot melt adhesive film? Polyurethane TPU hot melt adhesive film is mainly used in sportswear, seamless underwear, shoes, bags, etc. By coating a variety of thin film material of hot melt colloidal particles. Give you a detailed below to share polyurethane TPU hot melt adhesive film product details. Historically between price and quality that the interests of the involved too much too much, in this small make up warned everyone, does not ignore to penny cheap quality! Price of a product quality couldn't keep up with you on how cheap, is only a one-time customer, and can't run for a long time! Hot melt adhesive film according to the market price to calculate 8 RMB/square meter, why such a definition? Take a look at below professional introduction of hot melt adhesive film: the sunrise TPU hot melt adhesive film heat transfer vinyl factory products, is a kind of adhesive material, adhesive used for two kinds of the same or different materials, the use of advanced coating technology, the product has strong adhesive fastness, excellent water resistance, high elasticity, using import raw materials green environmental protection, environmental protection product, the product versatility, similar products in the country in a leading position, is unclear. 1, the thickness of the commonly used: 0. 05mm、0. 08年mm, 0。 10毫米,0。 12毫米,0。 15mm、0. 18毫米,0。 20 mm, the other thickness can be customized; 2, regular whole roll width: 1200 px, 1250 px, 2500 px, 3450 px, other width can be customized production, can valet cutting into small specifications; 3, regular length: each roll of 100 yards, 200 yards, 50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters; 4, packing methods: each volumes bag a moisture-proof plastic bag, 1 - 4 rolls/carton, or without carton; 5, and storage conditions: please pay attention to the store in a cool, dry place, pay attention to moistureproof, had better not exceed 0 - environment temperature 350 c; 6, base material is, the sunrise technology heat transfer vinyl factory recommend commonly used base material, can according to customer's specific needs and conditions of use replacement base material; 7, selection of bonding strength 0. 1 mm thick film, the use of cotton material, tablet press, better use condition test, by different bonding material and craft peel strength data is different; 8, conditions of use as customers use tools, used by the bonding material type, thickness and conditions and different, can be appropriately adjusted; 9, common adhesive material for the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory technology experience accumulated, due to the material formula, surface treatment of different, such as adhesive adverse phenomenon may occur. 10, special materials, please communicate with sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory technology, for all kinds of requirements, all kinds of product r&d and production can be point to point, welcome to inquire! Product features: this product hardness range, wide range of adhesive, adapt to the requirements of heat-resistant, elastic persistent, can keep the clothes for a long time not deformation; Application industry: tablet PC and mobile phone sheath, seamless underwear, underwear, shoes, clothing fabrics adhesion, etc. ; Characteristics of performance: the feel is good, wide range of resilience, bonding effect is very good, have strong yellowing resistance of products; Bonding material: fabric, diving cloth, lycra, JiaJi, tpu, pu leather, PVC, GF, fiber, nylon, etc. ; Areas of application: clothing, footwear, printing, packaging, bags, leather, handicrafts, electronic products, etc. ; If you have other heat transfer problem, can log in the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory site, or call 15359509866! More fascinating information will be used by your hand!
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