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Color film need attention

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Color film need attention. Color film manufacturer exposure, heat transfer vinyl is color commonly, but hot stamping industry have a & other; Traitor & throughout; To make up for a single color thermal transfer vinyl can't print color design defect, it is called color film, which can be printed heat transfer vinyl, it and other plain heat transfer vinyl is through the all-in-one printer or spray. But weak solvent ink spray carved in the form of a spray on the membrane, finally turn very hot on clothes. So what characteristic color film have? The first thing you learn you can feel it is soft, feel is good, bright colors and durable, washable and no fading, high resilience, especially cutting smoothly! The product itself is environmental protection non-toxic harmless non-pollution! Application in the way of color film, the range is very wide, what leisure t-shirts, bags, children's wear, sportswear, shoes, hats, tablecloths and so on the product itself is more special, so do not use highly corrosive detergent and bleach, suggestion is to use 40 degrees below the water, cold water washing, long tails washing to keep pattern is gorgeous. Should not use up, must be well packed to avoid placed in outdoor temperature, avoid extrusion, pay attention to their shelf life. Hot stamping split good clothing advice or with dryer. ( This article, the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory original reproduced indicate the source)
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