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Company Profile

Company Profile


Yantai Senxi International Trade Co., Ltd. is located in the center of city of Yantai. Which is a beatiful seaside city and Nearby the port of Yantai & Qingdao Port.which is Convenient for export and import.

When Roy studied in the university ,he always like to print some patterns on his cloths that is wonderful things.from that time, he wants to help the people allover the world with the same like as him.

After graduation, he kept his dream and build the company to make the services for the people allover the world.---One Stop Solution Service Provider for all kind of heat transfer vinyl and screen printing machine.

 In the 5 years of the company's development and growth, we have always provided customers with good products and technical support, and after-sales service. Wholesale and retail; import and export of goods and technology. (Projects that are subject to approval according to law can be operated only after approval by relevant departments.) We have good products and professional sales and technical teams.

We are always looking forward to your online message or callings for enquiries


We always attend the Canton Fair and East China Fair to show our new designs for our customers..We will be always keeping informed our Fair informations every time.

You are always very welcome to visiting us..Thank you!

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