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Custom clothing thermal transfer membrane transfer standard, pay attention to these points

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Custom clothing thermal transfer membrane transfer standard, pay attention to these points. Many enterprises with the augmentation of the brand awareness, pay more attention to clothing LOGO printing on the label. When we do thermal transfer film custom products, easy to fall off, the problem such as broken transfer target. As to solve these problems, first of all need to know its principle, and then according to the principle of anatomical matters need to pay attention to in the process of production, to fundamentally solve the problem of transfer targets. The principle of thermal transfer material: PET film as the carrier, the goal of the need to print design or carving machine sent to spray carved machine, marking machine, carved after the completion of the spray, to tear away from the film, you don't need transfer printing on the machine when setting up the appropriate temperature, time and pressure, hot melt adhesive under the temperature above the melting point when heated to melt with substrates ( Clothes) Stick together, and then tore away from the PET carrier membrane, custom thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl/pyrograph pattern layer is transfer to the clothes. The quality of the thermal transfer custom KaoChaDian: 1. Turn iron fastness: turn iron fastness can use hand blow or wash water test to preliminary judgement; 2. Ripped from ease: after turned hot, PET carrier is easy to tear off are convenient to use. Often use cold tear or hot tearing method, cold tear is cooled to tear; Turn hot tear is very hot after the completion of the hot tearing away. In general, cold tore wash water, more easier. 3. Substrates ( Clothing fabrics) Different, the recommended use different types of hot melt adhesive. As a result, customers need to ask customer service: according to your own substrates material should be how to choose thermal transfer material, best can provide sample to test first. Turn hot parameter Settings: A. Time: the details of your case, determine the average thickness of thermal transfer film, 10 s is sufficient. B。 Temperature: the temperature is too high will lead to excessive molten product deformation, low is not strong enough. Recommendation 150 ℃. C。 Pressure, with temperature, should be appropriate, pressure suggested in commonly 0. 4KG。 Want to know this machine customization information, free sample experience, more fascinating information to your hand! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory's website:
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