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Distinguish between pad printing and screen printing inks

by:Senxi      2021-04-07
In terms of the suitability of substrates, screen printing has great advantages, especially in the non-formal plastic hardware electronics and direct consumer operation industries, screen printing has gained widespread praise. It can be said that although pad printing technology and screen printing are quite different, they involve extremely similar industries. In general, the main difference between the inks used in different processes is that the additives contained in the ink are different. Next, we will mainly talk about screen inks and pad printing inks. In the field of industrial printing on small areas and irregular substrate surfaces, screen printing has encountered real troubles, which gave birth to the birth of pad printing technology. The Japanese solved this problem from another angle. They installed a plastic head cleaning device on the pad printer. However, the addition of a plastic head cleaning device was mainly to control the amount of ink transfer, and the transfer efficiency did not improve. However, there is no universal printing method in the world, and screen printing is no exception. The process of ink transfer is also closely related to the nature of the pad printing rubber head. Controlling the surface tension of the pad printing rubber head within a range close to that of the pad printing ink seems to be a systematic project, the essential purpose of which is to improve the efficiency of ink transfer. Different processes have different requirements for inks, and it is necessary to add appropriate supplementary ingredients to the inks to make them easier to use in detailed occasions. For example, offset printing inks are more viscous and have good water resistance; gravure inks are thinner and mobile. Good performance; screen ink must have good permeability. Article finishing: screen printing machine /news.htm
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