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DIY thermal transfer pyrograph clothing need to pay attention to these three points!

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
DIY thermal transfer pyrograph clothing need to pay attention to these three points! People often like to use thermal transfer pyrograph DIY clothing, because use thermal transfer pyrograph to DIY this process is to enjoy, but also very individual character, not easy to bump unlined upper garment. Relative to the professional pyrograph printing master, we are green hand operation thermal transfer need to be more cautious when pyrograph, although the operation is simple, but there are some issues need to be aware of. 1, thermal transfer pyrograph can meet all kinds of high-precision pictures, design, color and even the computer design draft, but must ask the factory when choosing pyrograph: did the pyrograph environmental certification, quality certification. If not, we suggest don't choose, otherwise pyrograph easily do not say, still can let you do clothes can't wear out. 2, heat-transfer pyrograph unfit for large-format pattern, the pattern, the greater the pyrograph the edges of the cock, thus affecting its fastness. 3, thermal transfer pyrograph is how to turn very hot on the clothes? What are the process? (1) to shear pyrograph, put on clothes (2) adjust the time, temperature and pressure of pyrograph machine, usually 10 SEC, 150 ℃, 0. 4 kg (3) will be fixed pyrograph position of clothes on the silica gel plate pyrograph machine, will handle down hard to completely closed (4) when pyrograph machine buzzer sounded, time has to prompt, will handle back in situ (5) if it is cold to tear, and tear pyrograph paper again after cooling, if it is a hot tear, finished hot stamping will need immediate pyrograph paper torn off. Then done! To learn more thermal transfer pyrograph information, please login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph website ( This article for the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory original, reproduced please indicate the source)
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