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Don't blow not black! What are the three-dimensional heat transfer vinyl?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Don't blow not black! What are the three-dimensional heat transfer vinyl? Thermal transfer thermal transfer market vinyl common plane heat transfer vinyl, but sometimes need different heat transfer vinyl to increase diversity and aesthetic. The plane heat transfer vinyl, what are some of the heat transfer vinyl stereo sense is strong? Polyurethane (pu) (1, foam heat transfer vinyl TPU) Elastic material, the heat transfer and has a 3 d effect; Adhesive type from the substrate, the high temperature hot stamping deformation, not degum, suitable for fashion or children's clothing; Turn very hot temperature: 150 - Hot 10-160 ℃ 15 s, cold to tear. 2, thick plate heat transfer vinyl strong stereo feeling, thickness, color saturation, good color fastness, easy cutting, easy to operate. Alternative plate pyrograph, without waiting for, 10 minutes instant, suitable for LOGO marking/advertising/shoes LOGO and so on. Ironing temperature: 140 10-150 ℃, the press time: 15 seconds, flat hot stamping machine heating plate must be a layer of cloth bag, hot stamping, the first positive pressure for 5 seconds, then opposite hot 10 seconds, cold to tear. Pyrograph foaming and thick plate pyrograph for stereo sense is strong, easy cutting, easy heat transfer vinyl, unlike plane heat transfer vinyl, to add to the aesthetic of the dress. Log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866! More information on hand!
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