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Easily solve the TPU heat transfer vinyl shelf life and storage conditions

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Easily solve the TPU heat transfer vinyl shelf life and storage conditions. TPU heat transfer vinyl for printing is printed on the icon of heat transfer vinyl, can be used in sportswear, fashion clothing, bags and other places, so widely used TPU heat transfer vinyl, customers for the sake of convenience may order a large number of heat transfer vinyl. Therefore know that heat transfer vinyl storage method and the shelf life is particularly important. 1, first of all should know first TPU heat transfer vinyl shelf life: based on sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory users covers a wide range, regional climate characteristics and variety characteristic, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory company according to the general users to use practices ( On-demand purchase, small batch, first purchase, first use) , on the advice from the date of purchase, 12 months after use is preferred. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory for manufacturing specialized in thermal transfer products, keeps a large number of spot inventory, ensure your needs at any time, please you to come and visit the choose and buy. 2, then understand TPU heat transfer vinyl storage conditions: due to the complexity of the product manufacturing process, material component is diversiform, sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory through a lot of tests and statistics, comprehensive data analysis, the recommended storage conditions for temperature 25 degrees, avoid light, Use black plastic bag closed or unused finished products continue to bagging storage) Keep in 55 -, humidity Between 65, pressure defense Especially after unpacking of the products and processing semi-finished products cannot be stacked and pressure) , it's better to keep erect or neatly stacked ( Paper tube plug pressure) ; For a long time storage, please pay attention to keep the environment ventilation, let a space more beneficial to save the air in the circulation state. 3, the last to clear TPU heat transfer vinyl prohibited method: 1, the environment of high temperature storage, should stay away from fire or heat source, the product belongs to flammable items; 2, processing semi-finished products prohibit stack with each other, especially of glue stick, easy to cause the sticky, thus forming the waste and loss; 3, ban on naked in the damp, strong light environment; 4 product ban can be stacked, hot stamping, especially just figure hot tear off; Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory in actual production practice, to provide product solutions center, to serve customers. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory committed to the development of thermal transfer materials, to provide customers with more products to choose. Learn more thermal transfer TPU heat transfer vinyl information or samples for free? Log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) !
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