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Fashionable adornment heat transfer vinyl these not to be missed!

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Fashionable adornment heat transfer vinyl these not to be missed! Sen the sunrise to provide thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory from raw material to finished product, including thermal transfer equipment and solutions, and services in many well-known clothing, bags, shoes and hats and other textile enterprises, to provide all kinds of heat transfer vinyl, that these characteristics of what are known as fashionable adornment heat transfer vinyl? Various kinds of heat transfer vinyl lead coquettish: color green heat transfer vinyl: golden onion bright individuality fashion stereo sense is strong color rich fine craft fit high environmental washable a minimum mass production of laser heat transfer vinyl: special silky smooth colour is pure metallic shine rub rub resistance to high and low temperature resistant fashion DIY personality customization fine precision plating heat transfer vinyl: bright shiny metal solid color colorful fashion DIY fine personality customization process fit a minimum batch production 21 years focused on thermal transfer production and research and development of new materials, let's the sunrise optimum heat transfer vinyl factory company always keep thinking is to serve the customers. If you also want to know more information, can log in the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory site, or call 15359509866! More fascinating information will you hand!
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