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FREESTYLE clothing heat transfer vinyl products!

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
FREESTYLE clothing heat transfer vinyl products! Heat transfer in the clothing industry in particular, the strength is very big. In view of the textile and garment consumption in China is huge, market extension is also very extensive. Below small make up I will take you to understand clothing by the heat transfer vinyl products and clothing heat transfer vinyl maintenance method, hoping to help for your reader. Now that is the product, the first think of clothing heat transfer vinyl: clothing heat transfer vinyl is applicable to provide elastic fabrics: ordinary knit, swimsuit cloth, cotton cloth, etc. When buying a dress after heat transfer vinyl, must will maintain to wear for a long time, make her true character and durable clothing, here are some heat transfer vinyl T-shirt maintenance methods: 1. After stamping the T-shirt is a little hard feeling, after washing you will become soft. ( General new processing T-shirt need to wash after 2 days. ) 2. Do not use hand to rub the surface of the T-shirt design ( Patterns on the surface of material will not attached dirt) 。 3. Do not use detergent containing bleach to wash. 。 With 40 & deg; C under warm water or cold water to wash. 4. Had better not use washing machine, when using a washing machine to design the surface turn to reverse wash again. After washing, immediately from the washing machine, do not use dryer to dry. 5. Don't too wrung-out wash collar parts, to avoid the neckline deformation. 6. Drying, clothes rack can only from loose place into the hem of the dress, cut can not directly from the neckline part forcibly hold, to avoid the neckline lax after loss of elasticity. 7. To dry naturally, do not put pyrograph t-shirts in the sun exposure. 8. If wrinkles in clothes need, after air temperature can be used in steam ironing ( Not hot iron containing elastic fiber, so as not to damage the organizational structure of the elastic fibers, elastic clothing effect) , do not iron directly on design. 9. After ironing, don't put clothes into a small space, can use hangers hanging or split, to keep the clothes flat shape. To sum up, in fact this is just the tip of the iceberg for heat transfer vinyl products. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory 9 big series heat transfer vinyl, want to further understand, you can login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory website, or direct contact with the 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! More fascinating information will be used by your hand!
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