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Fujian ink manufacturers of PVC heat transfer vinyl products

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Fujian ink manufacturers of PVC heat transfer vinyl products. On the market most belong to PU heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl, if you only know the PU heat transfer vinyl, then the scope is too narrow. PVC heat transfer vinyl is made from PVC material, it is cost-effective heat transfer vinyl. This a special PVC heat transfer vinyl to share information and the use of PVC heat transfer vinyl matters needing attention. 1, the main material: from the type of film, imported PVC materials, protective film; 2, to tear away from the way and the effect of apparent: cold tear, matte; 3, heat transfer conditions: temperature: 160 - 10-180 degrees, time: 20 seconds/time, pressure: 0. More than 2 KGF/cm ^ 2; 4, textile care: household washing machines, 40 degrees, more than 30 times, 30 minutes per time; From the inside out ironing; 5, ink layer thickness, effective thickness: 80 um. . . About 150 um, total thickness: 180 um. . . About 250 um; A variety of color selection; 6, environmental standards: SGS certification, formaldehyde, total lead, lead phthalates, the eight heavy metals, azo, organic tin, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; Product features: 1, thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl because of its simple, fast and convenient, do not need to plate making, color and pattern is an arbitrary set, can one up, a few minutes an engraving knife or scissors can also be complete, so be free personality of pursuers and designer apparel industry is also known as DIY printing film; 2, using imported PVC material, has the certain tensile properties, feeling and wash water resistance; 3, versatility is the biggest characteristic of this product, if any, its color products by reverse hot after nicking tool processing, simple and quick, white color pictures of products can be done, with orientation of film is very hot, various color with your preferences; 4, the product scope of application: this product USES is very wide, can be applied to clothing, bags, high temperature resistant textile fabrics such as; For example: pure cotton clothing, t-shirts, personality guanggu shan, aprons, hats, travel bag, factories and schools of number and logo, etc. ; ____________ hold more heat transfer vinyl information, all in the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory vinyl ____________ hold warm prompt: 1, so keep in a cool, dry place, it is forbidden to sharp objects collide, has not used up the bag is opened, please seal and storage, prevent moisture and high temperature. 2, in unopened packaging in good condition and normal storage conditions, the shelf life for use as the best delivery date for 6 months. 3, when using, first remove the protective film, the surface has a slight effect of viscous as normal, but should avoid surface adhesion to each other; Login request samples of PVC heat transfer vinyl, can the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory site, direct manufacturers call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! There will be a customer service commissioner, one-on-one service for you with all sincerity! More fascinating information by your hand!
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