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Garment producers, the adornment of the membrane

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
@ garment factory, do you want the adornment of the membrane. We sometimes can't clear heat transfer vinyl and decorative film difference, especially TPU heat transfer vinyl and matte both decorative membrane, so that the same why was not this two machine division together, but to classification. Reason is only one, that is, decorative membrane is reasonable. Decoration film imported high-end from type paper, has the high quality surface effect. Such as case grain, leather grain, grinding, all over the sky star, and so on, heat transfer vinyl without these effects. Decorative membrane is widely used in knitting and tatting clothing, zipper bag, shoulder, elbow and knee, the adornment such as the elastic outlet and protection protection, as well as shoes, bags and other decorative elements. Heat transfer vinyl is printed word choice. On the membrane surface decoration effect and the application effect and heat transfer vinyl is different, this is both the differences. Experience in heat transfer vinyl/decorative membrane samples, login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site manufacturers selling 15359509866! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service sincerely service for you.
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