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Heat transfer vinyl and tourism are not disappoint

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Heat transfer vinyl and tourism cannot fail! The application of heat transfer vinyl creativity not only in sports. Now the people living standard rise, tourism become a lot of people's consumption choice. So how thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl used in tourism, here small make up in the seaside tourism, for example, to share the application of heat transfer vinyl in the seaside tourism. 1. The sea is the most can't let people ignored the beauty. Wearing bathing suits walking on the beach with pattern of youth. They used the heat transfer vinyl design TPU elastic heat transfer vinyl. Polyurethane (pu) (thin, high elastic, TPU) Elastic material, soft handle, good tensile strength, suitable for application in close-fitting clothing: swimming costumes, sports shorts and seamless underwear. 2. Backpackers is very popular now. Simple, fashion personality T-shirt convenient luggage bags wandering the streets. Personality T-shirt can laser heat transfer vinyl, fake metal heat transfer vinyl, flocking heat transfer vinyl, etc. The results appear beautiful and personalized features, to take out from laser heat transfer vinyl, processed by the laser holographic dazzle colour effect, with a sticky mold and substrate, not deformation, not degum, do not rub off high cover, the adornment of the fashion industry is suitable for the pursuit of personality. And the designs in the luggage bag can also use fake metal heat transfer vinyl. The plating processing, and qualities of the laser heat transfer vinyl, for textile fabrics such as clothing, bags and so on. 3. Surfing in the waves of the sea sports personnel. Suitable for sportswear there are plenty of heat transfer vinyl, here is primarily concerned with heat transfer vinyl fabric. The heat transfer vinyl fabric home polyurethane materials, compounded by the precision coating, has all the qualities of raw materials, suitable for decorative purposes, the combination of a variety of color to let more evident value. Suitable for cotton, polyester, etc. You GET to the tourist clearly the use effect of heat transfer vinyl? Want to get more heat transfer vinyl application guide can log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory website, or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service wholeheartedly for your service!
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