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Hot melt glue application knowledge

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Hot melt glue application knowledge not to be missed! Hot melt adhesive film as two kinds of material & other; Compound & throughout; And can be used for the soles of the seamless fusing, clothing seamless fusing, and so on. Especially in such a developed market, jinjiang industrial to handle good production, must choose reliable quality of hot melt adhesive film manufacturers. To this, small make up from light into a deep first to introduce the product little-known secret. Many, many different kinds of hot melt adhesive film, according to the different thickness, melting point, choose to suit oneself is particularly important, this article will introduce you to choosing of hot melt adhesive film method and the matters needing attention: 1, the adhesive material is what you need? Different material of hot melt adhesive, adhesive fastness of different material is different, is not that kind of glue for all materials adhesive bonding is greater than all the others, such as polyurethane fastness to textile fabrics is extremely strong, and the bonding strength of PE plastic is nearly zero; 2, your material the highest ability how much temperature of heating. Such as your highest heat resistance should not exceed 130 ℃, then you have to choose the hot melt adhesive melting point is lower than 130 ℃, because if the processing temperature of less than the melting point of glue, glue not melt, stick relay is almost zero; After 3, you use adhesive products, whether to consider the soft? Whether to consider the application under high temperature or low temperature environment? Whether to pass water? If we need to dry cleaning? Whether to continue tensile tensile? If there is the above requirements, it will choose to have more than the corresponding performance of the film. 4, if there is a variety of adhesive can choose, choose the most cost-effective adhesive; Under the condition of can meet the requirements of your adhesive, select the thinnest adhesive ( Glue the thinner, the lower the price) 。 Master, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory with all the proper use of hot melt adhesive film: 1, shoes industry users according to the first sample shoes materials used ( Leather or cloth) Through the high temperature hot melt adhesive film hot press to the material surface composite equipment, after being dry version of the customization of each parts according to the samples for cutting or electric carving, and remove the film from type paper, again through the high temperature and high pressure hot onto the surface of the mesh fabric or other fabric; In this way is called seamless fusing the instep; Note: this seamless bonding process is suitable for all sewing sneakers, but according to different material and different process requirements, the user needs to choose corresponding hot melt adhesive film, according to the requirement and test before they are used in batch. 2, clothing industry: the user according to the size of the bonding cloth requires, the hot melt adhesive film first sliced into corresponding to the wide, use of high temperature and pressure in the fabric surface very hot hot melt adhesive film laminating, after being dry, remove the film from type paper again according to the process requirements of the high temperature pressure hot laminating, in this way is called heat seamless fusing; Note: the clothing using hot melt adhesive glue, suitable for the fabrics of many also very miscellaneous, because of its complexity, technological requirements when applicable users need to proofing test before mass production. 3, holster luggage industry: the user according to holster or bags materials used, equipment through high temperature hot melt adhesive film laminating to the surface of the material, and cutting or cutting, according to the requirements of process after curing and remove the film from type paper, through the sticky material surface heat press to receive; Note: holster or bags of various materials in the used hot melt adhesive film, according to the materials used in heat resistance, folding, please choose corresponding to the melting point of the film; After and do the test according to the requirements of process in batch production. And above all, have you on the quality and application of hot melt adhesive film, so you are interested in hot melt adhesive film can log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) , the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service wholeheartedly for your service! Thermal transfer information hand more!
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