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Hot stamping bible: thermal transfer pyrograph stamping processing and matters needing attention

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Hot stamping bible: thermal transfer pyrograph stamping processing note! Thermal transfer pyrograph in clothing, toys, bags and other items on the hot stamping their favorite design. With the update of thermal transfer technology, pyrograph technology is still popular. Clothes may occur in the hot stamping process is not washable, tight pyrograph mold, pyrograph hot will not come up, and so on questions, hot stamping pyrograph should pay attention to what matters? A hot stamping temperature being: depending on the type of pyrograph and adjust the different temperature, do not blindly pursue the higher the temperature of the hot stamping or ( The lower the better) , should with the effect after stamping as a benchmark to determine the temperature of the hot stamping. Do hot stamping pressure: hot stamping pressure must be adjusted to the right, or too much easy to hurt head and was very hot, too small and hot stamping effect. Many different kinds of pyrograph machine, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and so on. With this machine need to constantly test pyrograph effect. Time to do hot stamping: hot stamping time should be according to the specific stamping content to determine, under the condition of the hot melt adhesive melt bonding cloth to ensure hot stamping effect. Before being ripped from way: hot stamping is sure pyrograph cold tear or hot tear, hot stamping effect can be assured. Thermal transfer pyrograph is different from other products, in the process of hot stamping, must first try samples, feel satisfied with to mass production. Deng Lu Senxi heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! More thermal transfer pyrograph hand!
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