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How many special heat transfer vinyl you know?

by:Senxi      2021-01-26
How many special heat transfer vinyl you know? TPU elastic PVC heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl, hot stamping effect is presented by the design of the color, they can enhance through hot stamping design personalized iron bearing the aesthetic of textiles. These two kinds of heat transfer vinyl is heat transfer vinyl series more classic, but so many different kinds heat transfer vinyl, the special heat transfer vinyl not only through the design and the heat transfer vinyl itself can also reveal the different effect of personalization. Below small make up to introduce which belongs to the special heat transfer vinyl. 1. Flocking flocking heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl is adopts advanced nylon wool washing water and polyurethane material, has soft fur tactility, color bright, feel is smooth, no hair removal don't rub off, after high temperature hot stamping deformation, engraving, cutting, the characteristics of the waste. 2. Reflective/luminous heat transfer vinyl reflective and luminous heat transfer vinyl is the difference between a a strong reflective, another kind is to absorb light glow at night. The principle of the two heat transfer vinyl is different. Reflective heat transfer vinyl and luminous heat transfer vinyl is has a marked effect in the darkness of night, reflective heat transfer vinyl is mainly used to glance costumes, luminous heat transfer vinyl can be used for the ghost party guanggu shan, etc. 3 fabric heat transfer vinyl material heat transfer vinyl use of fabric and pu, has the characteristics of the original fabric texture texture, suitable for decorative purposes. Heat transfer vinyl above belongs to the special material, can be used in the personality fashion clothing, bags, shoes and hats and other textile products, can also be used for schools, factories and other hot stamping logo. As modern society demand for personalized, fashionable feeling, special heat transfer vinyl in a certain extent, to satisfy the customer's requirements. In the same way, using heat transfer vinyl again after first through the engraving machine engraving tore from the spare parts, hot stamping on the cloth by pyrograph machine, process operation simple and quick. Everybody some understanding on special heat transfer vinyl, if you want to know more information of thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl can log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) , the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service sincerely service for you, more fascinating information on hand! ( This is the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory original market center, reprint please indicate the source! )
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