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How much do you know reflective heat transfer vinyl?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
How much do you know reflective heat transfer vinyl? In heat transfer heat transfer vinyl, reflective heat transfer vinyl is most characteristic of Q8 series. As long as in a dark place will glow, jade-like stone light green add some light to you at night. So, below 23 years reflective heat transfer vinyl manufacturer & ndash; — Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph about product features for this purpose. Reflective heat transfer vinyl: it is using the optical principle, can back reflection back to the light source in a special structure of the membrane, eye-catching, warning and safety effect. Has wear-resisting, scraping resistance, impact resistance, washing resistance and other advantages; Good flexibility, simple and convenient construction; Unique design of the back glue has great strength, good low temperature resistance, anti-corrosion paint surface characteristics; Products with super reflective performance, good wide-angle performance; The weathering resistance, in - 40℃- Under the condition of 70 ℃ as usual.
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