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How to calculate thermal transfer material product specification?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
How to calculate thermal transfer material product specification? Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory often encounter clients ask your company to sell the material what are the specifications? If you want to order what is the minimum quantity? I can the amount of large allowance? Small make up give you a detailed answer to solve these problems. Sen the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory materials species diversity, the company mainly sales of membrane materials with heat transfer vinyl, decorative film, hot melt adhesive film and high and low temperature decorative film and highlights five material such as particles membrane, customers need for their own needs, ask questions. Face is not very familiar with the product, know all of the product specifications may be chaos. So, faced with these problems, first determine the need which series of thermal transfer film, if it is how much is the order of words is the requirement of the customer quantity, use where top, want what specifications, the quantity can be customized, at the same time, price and quantity is with preferential treatment. Thermal transfer of the specifications of the vinyl and decorative film is 50 cm * 25 metres long and wide a volume of 12. 5 square meters; Hot melt adhesive film of 50 cm wide, 100 cm, 138 cm, 50 m and 100 m and 200 m length, custom-made according to customer's choice; Specular particles of the specifications of the membrane is 50 cm * 160 cm long and 100 wide cm * 160 cm wide; High and low temperature of the specifications of the decoration film is 30 cm * 138 cm long or wide 50 cm * 138 cm wide; The above several kinds of membrane products are in a position to accept a special order, heat transfer vinyl and decorative film more than 125 single phone monochrome flat can be customized for the client, the other two roll of film products to order! To sum up, only fully understand the needs of customers, understand the company's products. To better service for customers, to grasp the finer points of the customer. Learn more thermal transfer information, login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) !
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