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How to choose machine manufacturer?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
How to choose machine manufacturer? When choosing sublimation spent membrane manufacturers, we will learn to determine quality of thermal transfer film can provide great help for us. The following sen the sunrise by the heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph: to share with you the high quality sublimation spent membrane after we can understand for hot stamping design clarity, color bright, hot stamping use more stable, placement time is long, etc. So to achieve the result of this series we need to look at the manufacturer's technology and strength. First: pattern color: this is determined by the electric engraving and printing ink color, we know that design is passed by electric engraving ink printed, so electric engraving depth is also have a very big impact on the effect of color. Followed by the deployment of ink, this is not a reference value is to look at the color master experience completely, it can be directly through the ink of course via partial color exceptions factory to allocate. Another key is the ink of environmental protection, advocate environmental protection now printing, most of the products need to be environmental protection test. Second: hot stamping effect of use: this machine design and alignment between material basically is to see this machine mold release agent and glue and material matching values. Simple understanding to design better off, good adhesion after hot stamping, etc. For different material hot stamping each kind of thermal transfer film glue is not the same. Third: placing time: this and carrier, glue, mold, printing ink four all have contact, usually placed a year at room temperature can also normal hot stamping machine is very stable. To learn more about this machine manufacturer information, free sample experience, please login the sunrise pyrograph website: (heat transfer vinyl factory This article, the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory original reproduced indicate the source)
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