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How to judge the stand or fall of PU machine

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
How to judge the stand or fall of PU machine? Many clients are asking how the stand or fall of PU machine judgment, not just listen to the salesman say good, bad is bad. So want to take out stone hammers, proving that the PU machine product quality, to see below from three aspects: 1. PU machine operation questions: does the heat transfer vinyl engraving, cutting, waste. 2. PU machine turned hot problem: thermal transfer vinyl hot stamping on convenience and waste problems. 3. PU machine will turn hot out that water problems, melting, hot melt adhesive sufficient time for glue. Water is not easy to touch and so on. 4. PU ink film hot stamping on the garment, whether how elastic, pull crack, and so on. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory PU ink film has good elasticity, easy engraving, cutting, waste, convenient turned hot, after 4 a grade wash water test at the same time. Login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site, add WeChat 15359509866. Free experience PU ink film samples, feel their quality.
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