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How to solve the problem from the type of film is too tight?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
How to solve the problem from the type of film is too tight? Mold with cold and hot tearing type of PET film from the type film, suitable for water/oily ink, thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl or pyrograph. He belongs to the thermal transfer printing substrate. It is suitable for all kinds of thermal transfer technology, can realize various pyrograph surface effect. Widely used as cold tear film, a question is why the mold is too tight. Cold tear film widely used, easy to appear problem is as follows: 1, to tear away from too tight: will causes are as follows: in terms of printing area is too big A, printing design, viscosity of glue and glue solvent penetration is very strong at the same time, leads to the formation of A printing and mold layer glue solution seepage phenomenon. Lead to trimming tore away from is very tight, as well as the phenomenon such as discoloration, wrinkling, pungent smell. The solution: pay attention to adjust the solvent ratio ( The main solvent, solvent, auxiliary solvent) As far as possible, reduce the proportion of strong solvents. At the same time, adjust the glue viscosity, increase the solid content, reducing infiltration intensity. B, ink viscosity is too low, dry. In the actual production process, the printer in order to improve the efficiency, improve liquidity, people often like to ink viscosity reduced. Although printing solved the adaptability, efficiency raised, but the side effects followed. Such causes, solvent in ink penetration to the base layer, at the same time increased the difficulty of volatile, cause we finally closed all solvent in layer, forming mold, printing ink layer miscibility. Even when we after hot stamping, cold to tear the bottom layer with tore off, from the phenomenon reflects ripped from very tightly, and the surface is very rough, pungent smell, even the color. Solution: increase the viscosity of the ink, baking security; Conditional factories, can use a printed a roast, guarantee the layers of dry. Tight type C, away from the film itself. Test method: apply blank mold film, with film or 3 m tape, after laminating, tensile tests, through touch perception. Conditional factories can use general screw tensile tester is to test and then went to press, avoid to cause you unnecessary loss. In the production practice of usually, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph turn to does not affect the integrity of the design and hot surface effect as a benchmark, to judge the level of product and applicable objects. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph hundreds of dust-free workshop, to strictly control the dust. The introduction of foreign advanced production equipment, for the quality of products. Choose to tear away from the moderate intensity ( Stripping strength of 0. 5 - 1. 0 n) Doctrine, surface effect is clear, from the type of film performance excellence, quality stability. Login, the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer material vinyl factory site or by calling the national free service hotline: 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) , with a detailed mold film, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service wholeheartedly for your service.
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