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Ink manufacturers products inventory

by:Senxi      2021-01-26
Ink manufacturers products large inventory! From thermal transfer thermal transfer the manufacturer's product category is numerous, chemical material from type of substrate, mold release agent, water-based glue paste products, hot melt adhesive, silk screen printing ink, and so on, to the heat transfer products heat transfer vinyl, pyrograph, decorative film, etc. , to the back of the thermal transfer products solutions. This series of integrated thermal transfer manufacturers services, let small make up to you about ink manufacturers of these products details. 1. From the type of substrate, the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory manufacturers to provide various types of cold tear PET from type suitable for water/oil film screen printing ink pyrograph products of all levels and all kinds of characteristics of the material, thermal transfer printing substrate, etc. From the type of film is the international standard, through a number of environmental test, suitable for hot stamping process, can realize various pyrograph surface effect, the use of advanced technology, good performance, can meet the full range of pyrograph substrate requirement. From the type of film is usually & other; Zhang & throughout; For the unit, can be made into volume, stock specifications: 39 * 54 cm, 48 * 64 cm. Mold surface including light, matte film, flat, there can be divided into cold, cold and hot tear tear and hot tear. 2. Thermal transfer characteristics of the vinyl heat transfer vinyl, characteristic depends on the type of heat transfer vinyl, heat transfer vinyl different types of elements and structure are not the same. Heat transfer vinyl series we all clear, so tell me about you is not clear. Heat transfer vinyl can be used to make hot stamping personality T-shirt logo, letters, Numbers, signs, but through the different hot stamping technique can stamping different effects. Jersey is usually hot stamping monochrome or printable heat transfer vinyl, but in the face of personalized fashion clothing monochromatic and cannot meet the needs of customers. Matching color hot stamping, heat transfer vinyl used to increase the heat transfer vinyl pattern of diversification. Carved heat transfer vinyl tinted hot stamping design manufacture tinted, press twice ( Fold the color) These three methods, chasing color code method, sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl products factory are tinted, just in the method choice should have skill. 3. Solution, the sunrise to provide thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory overall solution. One is the choice of products. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory is provided by the heat transfer vinyl, according to the selection of fabrics, according to the type of pyrograph from type membrane, color layer, cover layer, choose hot melt adhesive glue layer, according to transfer printing fabrics, choose mold release agent by pyrograph surface effect. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory can provide you with solutions to these questions, various forms of thermal transfer materials to meet your different needs, will ink manufacturers from the selection, use, test and so on various aspects to provide advice and support. Above focuses on hot stamping manufacturers provide a variety of products and services, and, of course, the above several parts no talk about can log in, the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer material vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service sincerely service for you! More fascinating information on hand! ( This is the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory original market center, reprint please indicate the source! )
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