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Laser heat transfer vinyl strategy of choose and buy

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Laser heat transfer vinyl strategy of choose and buy. Sen the sunrise laser thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory vinyl adopt high quality polyester ( PET) Thin film materials, and processed by laser holographic dazzle colour effect; High temperature resistant polyester (100 um thick PET) With sticky mold substrate, after high temperature hot stamping deformation, not degum, no fading, high cover, supporting a variety of color, feel is hale and hearty, can undertake processing of higher value, make it more adapted to the pursuit of personality, fashion decoration; Below small make up to you detailed explain laser heat transfer characteristics of the vinyl image and instructions. Thermal transfer laser heat transfer vinyl has the following characteristics and value: 1, the apparent characteristics: bright is dazzing, color changes, colorful, with metal texture, completely cover the original clothing color; 2, the market value: quick processing need plate making, save the time and cost for plate making and instant, saving manpower; 3, roll packing, let you moment as much as they want to carve and maximize the use of edge horn material, avoid waste, cost control. 4, rub resistance, resistance to water; 5 does not glue, high and low temperature environment, don't break, resistance to ultraviolet light and the sun does not rub off; 6, the membrane materials for environmental protection material; 7, tinted transfer printing, in order to increase promise the richness of content and variability, and the color of the cloth is not limited to, as long as the material of the fabric can transfer printing, transfer printing with superior after wash color fastness and adhesive fastness. The directions for use: 1, adjust the temperature and time of the pyrograph machine to the desired temperature and time. 2, put the substrates flat on the silica gel plate, then flat on the substrates, the pattern will handle hard down until it closed. 3, when indicates the time when hot stamping, buzzer sounded, will handle back in place. 4, if it is cold to tear, after cooling, to low viscose tear; If it is hot tear, hot stamping is completed immediately pyrograph paper torn off. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory company equipped with complete facilities, product variety and has a variety of international certification authority inspection, laser heat transfer vinyl is just one of them has the characteristics of heat transfer vinyl! If you also want to know more characteristics of heat transfer vinyl, you can login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory website, or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! More wonderful content will be made by your hand!
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