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peterborough man\'s screen printing company combines anishinaabemowin with \'80s urban style

by:Senxi      2021-01-28
As he grew up, James Hodgson didn\'t know much about his culture except that he was anisenabe.
Now he is the owner and operator of a screen printing company in Ont Peterborough.
He designed shirts, hats, and other items, including local place names and phrases in anixina bamowin.
He hopes that using Anishinaabemowin will help educate others who do not speak the language by opening the conversation.
He said: \"This is something that my generation especially misses, and it is something that the previous generation and the latter generation miss. we all missed learning when we were young . \".
He is a member of six schools, where many indigenous children are taken away from their families and communities, and in Africa
Hodgson says Aboriginal families are a process of eliminating ties to their culture.
When Q sounds like H, you must be saying mi \'kmaq\' this is my identity \': The Forgotten language comes back from Bannock, says tea Hodgson, hevey knew that he was anisenabe because when he was adopted, he received one of the children\'s aid associations, although the names and locations were revised.
He did not begin to explore his culture until he moved to Peterborough to go to Trent University and began to connect with the local anisenabe community and organizations.
During this period, Hodgson also found a job in a local screen printing company, which inspired the enthusiasm for design.
Nish Tees has been in operation for more than 15 years now.
\"Have a new T-
Shirts, many non-
The indigenous people would say \'Oh, is this like a dress? \'?
\"Then the story is explained to them and they actually learn something from it,\" Hodgson said . \".
Inspired by land and traditional place names, Hodgson prints his own personally designed shirts, hats and other items.
He also provides printing and branding services to local businesses.
\"Budget is a problem for a lot of people who don\'t have the necessary skills or knowledge --
\"How to get what they have to improve themselves,\" he said . \".
When filling out an order for a customer or printing your own design, Hodgson uses it locally-
Purchase clothing.
\"I think it is important to make sourcelocal as much as possible, so you will leave less footprints on Mother Earth.
\"Hodgson designed Anisina bamovan from a creative process in which he worked with local elders and language speakers Shirley and Doug of Anisina Abe
\"I want to make sure if I\'m going to put our language in T-
\"To educate people, I hope the words are correct,\" Hodgson said . \". Cree-
The Métis designer shows a collection of artists returning to local fashion week from London Fashion Week, and the design he uses has a City flight, which he hopes will attract young people into the culture.
\"I personally have a hard time using Anishinaabemowin, and I find that the older you are, the more difficult it is to learn to read, so it is very important to get it when you are young.
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