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Problem of thermal transfer film, it is recommended that the collection!

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Answer machine series of problems: 1. Q5 printable heat transfer vinyl film is too thin, after turn hot through the fabric color and clothing lines come out! A: we can print the thickness of the heat transfer vinyl Q5 is 13 c, and TPU, gold green, almost under normal operation, won't appear similar problem. Or the customer can send need printing fabric test. Possible secondary turned hot, tear film, cloth iron directly on the device, also can appear the base, through out the phenomenon of grain. 2. Thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl in carving patterns, carving of problem. The same product, same machine parameters to engraving, but some of the color is very good, how do some color moment also unceasingly moment? A: has the following four conditions: (were summarized 1) The thickness of the material is wrong, uneven color. ( Fluorescent color such as, because want to show some special effects, so be painted a layer of more, lead to the same product thickness of different color different) , different color is best to adjust the machine knife pressure and scale ( 45 degrees - 60 degrees) 。 ( 2) Hot melt adhesive toughness is uneven. ( 3) Substrate is mold, its inner structure will be loose. Resin products cutting proposal with marking machine, laser machine. ( 4) The workshop temperature might be the problem. 3. Decoration film glue, more recent feedback decoration film glue? A: this situation with your operating time, pressure, temperature, etc, is closely linked, debugging time temperature and pressure. If there is such a case, the customer can contact the company's technical engineers, by engineers to help find the reason. Or you can send to come over, cloth we sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph company to help test results. Then send the past the test successful sample to the customer test. Small make up often receive feedback from the customer and asking questions, summarize, there are a lot of article, this article lists three questions first, if there are other questions, you can search our website, or contact our sales engineers. More information please visit the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer film sen pyrograph website: (vinyl factory This article for the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory original, reproduced indicate the source)
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