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Production of thermal transfer character pattern need to know these

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Production of thermal transfer character pattern need to know these! How hot stamping on the clothing of your personality that sentence? How hot stamping on clothing you like design? How much more in the dress to attract her people? In addition to the clothing style is different, also can use heat transfer stamping character pattern in the form of a trend. Clothing design development, has now become the people into his emotion tool, through the long-term accumulation, a specific pattern has a deep meaning, its own has become a kind of symbol. Patterns in human performance, humans also use the design in the conscious, give design connotation, extension design expression, clothing design is a kind of life mark symbols. Now & garment printing design has other Spend for charming eyes & other; Era, each pattern represents a kind of aesthetic, each design also can express a kind of mood, interpretation of a concept. Garment printing design aesthetic and schools of thought contend, as long as you can and the mass aesthetic achieve resonance, is in their interest, is the art of good clothes! Sen the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory & ndash; — 21 years experience in heat transfer factory, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory ( Fujian) Pyrograph technology co. , LTD. , the headquarters is located in jinjiang city of fujian province five industrial zone, 21 years professional manufacturer of thermal transfer materials/pyrograph, r&d,
production, trade into an organic whole, the original auxiliary material is produced 90% self-sufficiency, form the industrial chain, from the ink, the mucilage coating chemical substrate to the heat transfer heat transfer vinyl, away from the type of film, sublimation paper, color film, hot melt adhesive film, such as thermal transfer materials, and then to pyrograph, flat backing machice, finished product and equipment such as machine, carving machine, provide one-stop integrated solution, is committed to creating value for textile processing industry. Company is mainly engaged in: hot stamping series pyrograph ( PET low-temperature pyrograph, EVA foam slippers pyrograph, kirschner pyrograph, pyrograph, plate pyrograph, 1 ( Heat transfer heat transfer vinyl, color film, PET from type paper, hot melt adhesive film, high and low temperature membrane, the sublimation paper, etc. ) 。 Sen the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory products are widely used in t-shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, children's clothing, clothing, bags, poncho, umbrella, handicraft, gloves, pillowcases and so on all kinds of cloth art product, with hot stamping effect is good, the speed is quick, the product is beautiful and generous, good color fastness and washing resistance and soft, best-selling all over the world. Our main customers are: in the continuation of traditional textile processing enterprises ( Such as: clothing, bags, shoes and hats, factories, etc. ) Conditions, development to today's advertising industry, tourism, and observe the supplies, sports products, personal consumption decorative supplies, car interior decoration industry and building materials, etc. If you want to continue in-depth information of thermal transfer printing, can log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! Customer service specialist will one to one service for you with all sincerity! Individual choice belongs to own product!
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