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Production process of automatic roll-to-roll precision screen printing machine

by:Senxi      2021-04-07
At present, roll-to-roll screen printing machines have relatively high screen printing production processes, which are high-precision printing machines. Of course, this type of machine is generally fully automatic. As long as the manufacturer debugs the machine, the actual operator will be greatly reduced in the production process Reduce the input cost of the manufacturer. This kind of screen printing machine is generally suitable for trademark, label, IMD, membrane switch printing, and the printing speed can be understood by watching the automatic roll-to-roll video, that is, you can contact the printing equipment manufacturer to obtain the relevant machine video for detailed understanding. Of course, before learning about this kind of printing equipment, you must go to the Shenzhen factory for on-site inspections. It is best to bring your own products and make an appointment for proofing. Before printing products like this kind of machine, first determine the printing ink and printing screen, avoiding the quality of raw materials and screen printing products during the production process, and in the long-term consideration, the selected ink must be suitable, otherwise the next One production process will cause product quality problems during drying. The entire printing process is very simple. The printing ink and printing materials are ready, and the machine can be turned on for normal production after checking that the machine is normal. The entire production process is simplified, and the personnel who actually operate the machine do not operate the machine frequently. Article finishing: glass screen printing machine /news.html
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