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Professional perspective with glitter heat transfer vinyl

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Professional perspective with glitter heat transfer vinyl! Everyone's understanding for golden onion heat transfer vinyl can how much? As product if not analysis thoroughly enough, for the quality control is also unknown. The old saying said of good, theirs fight! Next, please welcome thermal transfer materials experts for 20 years to make a detailed introduction, hope can help to everybody! Glitter heat transfer vinyl alias is also called the color green heat transfer vinyl, the product features will be introduced below: thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl 2000 series & ndash; Glitter heat transfer vinyl 1, main material: imported polyurethane material, mold film, hot stamping location membrane ( Paper) ; 2, to tear away from the way and the effect of apparent: cold tear, matte; 3, heat transfer condition, temperature: 150 - 10-160 degrees, time: 20 seconds/time, pressure: 0. More than 2 KGF/cm ^ 2; 4, textile care: household washing machines, 40 degrees, more than 50 times, 30 minutes per time; From the inside out ironing; 5, the color green heat transfer vinyl with flashing stereo feeling, use more widely, such as women's children's wear hat, bag, etc. ; 6, environmental standards: by SGS, 7) Environmental protection certification, formaldehyde, total lead, phthalates, the eight heavy metals, azo, organic tin, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, as well as the OEKO - TEX100 certification; 7, packaging specifications: 50 cm X 25 meters/roll, 4 volume/box; Product features: 1, the operation is simple, fast and convenient; 2, no plate making, color pure, color and design an arbitrary set; 3, stereo sense is good, golden onion powder evenly meticulous, even flash effect; 4, rub resistance, hand washing powder machine wash not to drop, can use all kinds of washing method of washing, 5 does not glue, high and low temperature environment, don't break, resistance to ultraviolet light and the sun does not rub off; 6, the membrane materials for environmental protection material; 7, tinted transfer printing, in order to increase promise the richness of content and variability, and the color of the cloth is not limited to, as long as the material of the fabric can transfer printing, transfer printing with superior after wash color fastness and adhesive fastness. Warm prompt: small make up in the cautions: flexible are more familiar with the product can be used correctly, the quality is a responsible behavior! If you also want to know more information, can be directly login the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory website, or call 15359509866! More wonderful content will be made by your hand!
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