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PVC heat transfer vinyl attention turned hot

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
PVC heat transfer vinyl turn hot attention! Heat transfer vinyl after carving machine or laser engraving, cutting and then peel off the pattern, to turn very hot design, tear PET film after cooling is complete heat transfer vinyl heat transfer of the whole operation. In the process, to turn very hot can't be ignored, design also is very important. So what are the precautions for heat transfer vinyl turn very hot? 1) , hot stamping machine level adjustment: we'll be the first to adjust the level of hot stamping machine, require hot stamping machine was laid floor, floor must be solid, smooth ( As may be necessary against the wall) , the test tool use level [ Tool photos] Can; For hot stamping machine at a level and solid state. If the level of the hot stamping machine is not adjust good, easy to cause safety accidents, and at the same time the operator effort. 2) , hot stamping machine test: in front of the press, we need to accordance with the requirements of hot printing quality and index of substrates, setting temperature, time, waiting for the set temperature is reached can try the temperature of hot ( No matter how many batches of product use, be sure to try hot samples, after testing qualified rear can scale production) , while waiting in line with expectations, then the standard parameters ( Temperature, time and pressure) , and in the subsequent big goods hot stamping process, must control standard, strictly carry out, if there is a strange, immediately stop work and check, until problems, troubleshooting. 3) , about the hot stamping pressure standards: we usually with 0. More than 2 kg/cm2 as the standard, but in the actual operation practice, we must combine transfer printing fabric, the temperature resistance of membrane and hot stamping design rendering indexes such as flexible Settings. Different manufacturer pyrograph machine in heating device, pressure transmission mode, hot cushion thickness, material selection, we must test again after. Pay special attention to, type pneumatic hot stamping machine, set in hot stamping pressure, must according to the volume of cylinder, steam pressure stability, flexible water condition in air compressor etc. When necessary, we can use the measure pressure tester, generally do not need to be so precise. 4) , hot stamping temperature Settings: we in the long-term practice, we will transfer membrane transfer temperature made a basic categories: low temperature hot stamping - 80 120-120 degrees, the temperature in hot stamping More than 150 degrees 150 degrees, the high temperature. We usually need to be aware of when setting temperature items are: A, read indicators stamping products; B, try printing fabric resistant; C, transfer film and the thickness of the fabric, fabric printing aperture; D, transfer printing, environmental temperature, humidity, etc. Generally speaking, we will be subject to try hot results. Temperature measuring method, with a thermometer ( Infrared temperature measuring gun) A multi-point test. 5) , hot stamping time: we usually according to need, to try after the hot test, is relatively simple. At the same time stamping equipment above has time control device. In use process, we should be supplemented by time spot check and contrast to prevent control device, which can lead to loss of our products. PVC heat transfer vinyl heat transfer in turn very hot, pay attention to the above questions. Can log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site, direct manufacturers, 15359509866, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service sincerely service for you, more fascinating thermal transfer information hand!
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