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【 PVC heat transfer vinyl factory 】 How to choose the pyrograph machine

by:Senxi      2021-01-26
【 PVC heat transfer vinyl factory 】 How to choose the pyrograph machine! Manufacturer of PVC heat transfer vinyl used heat transfer vinyl takes turn hot stamping machine to design stamping on bearing iron content, as the saying goes: & other; Whet knife don't miss your job & throughout; , choose a suitable stamping machine for hot stamping process, turns the result has played a vital role. Sex, but in the face of these equipment may not come into contact with eyes dark, so small make up to you about about the relevant knowledge of hot stamping machine. How to choose suitable for hot stamping machine? Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory has 20 years of professional experience in manufacturing, in the long history of enterprise development, continuously summarize, refining, application, currently has a set of more scientific, reasonable and applicable standard measurement method, due to the limited time and space, in this to do a simple here. _____ more heat transfer vinyl and pyrograph machine information, to the best of _____ here introduces hot stamping machine categories: hot stamping machine at present on the hot stamping is divided into flat, circular pressure of two types; According to pressure transmission methods are divided into three types of hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, Usually small batch, small area of hot stamping selection of flat type ( Hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical) ; These devices have their own advantages, the current test results sorting as follows: simple mechanical is better than that of hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure is better than the pneumatic; Mechanical and hydraulic pressure is relatively stable, generally small batch processing or testing, suggest that choose hydraulic type; If mass production scale, the user, we recommend using circular pressure type mechanical stamping machine; The stability of the pneumatic hot stamping machine relative to other two times. Four location heat-transfer machine hydraulic pneumatic double location pyrograph machine if is where the hot stamping is small, or small quantities of pyrograph machine can choose manual type, the pyrograph machine covers an area of small, manual operation, convenient and simple, intelligent temperature control, according to the three principles of hot stamping, temperature, time, pressure to be able to better control. Manual type shaking pyrograph machine above all, everyone is for PVC heat transfer vinyl manufacturer pyrograph machines have a certain understanding, to share with everyone a knowledge: pyrograph machine base plate is high temperature resistant foaming silicone, but there are different requirements of different floor, some floor is the sponge can be used for sublimation pyrograph, some of them are silicone sponge. Can according to their own needs to consult with manufacturer, want to know more about PVC heat transfer vinyl manufacturer information can log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service sincerely service for you!
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