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PVC heat transfer vinyl instruction manual

by:Senxi      2021-01-26
PVC PVC heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl manual for clothing, bags, shoes and hats, such as substrates, extensive use of meet the environmental standards of raw materials, increase the activation inertia, products are environmental protection raw materials via special processing. Below is PVC heat transfer vinyl use note: 1, the method of storage: avoid light, avoid high temperature, moisture, carrying prohibited in the process of collision; 2, to tear away from the way: ban hot tear, Because after high temperature and high pressure hot stamping material is still in the active state, can tear will appear after the surface is flat, light affects the quality of sensory; 3, be sure to use hot knife ( Laser engraving) Please pay attention to control the fire and focal length. 4, have slightly sticky feeling. This product belongs to the soft goods, in order to achieve satisfactory handle, with some additives in the raw material, so the surface will have slightly sticky feeling, belong to the normal phenomenon. 5, and have a slight odor. This product because of the low softening point ( Softening point is 80 ℃, 130 ℃ starts to break down, under the condition of without heat stabilizers, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 100 ℃ which began to decompose, above 130 ℃ break down faster. Thermal decomposition of released gas) 。 6, the reasonable control of temperature and press time, this product is unfavorable temperature is too high, 145 degrees) Time control in 8 seconds. Hot stamping temperature too high or too long, easy to cause discoloration or elastic. If you want to experience the heat transfer vinyl samples can log in, the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer material vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( Additive WeChat) ! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service sincerely service for you, fascinating information on hand!
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