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PVC heat transfer vinyl what are the characteristics

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
PVC heat transfer vinyl what are the characteristics. On the market, there are many factories for heat transfer vinyl products quality are also different. So which manufacturer of PVC heat transfer vinyl? What are features? PVC heat transfer vinyl using environmental protection of PVC material + 100 um thick type high temperature resistant polyester from the substrate, after high temperature hot stamping, discoloration, not degum, do not fade, not powder, easy to engraving, cutting, waste, can reset feature that has a wide range of USES, can be used on high temperature resistant textile fabrics such as clothing, bags. PVC vinyl heat transfer performance is as follows: the first: the product luster is adjustable. Using dumb face grind arenaceous effect as the factory standards, according to the demands of consumers and the basic order quantity for custom production. The second: soft products. Manufacturer of PVC heat transfer vinyl use soft products than the same products is more suitable for the user experience. Third: tensile products. Relative to the same products, PVC heat transfer vinyl manufacturer by choosing materials ( Soft PVC and TPU) Matching and process, make our products with super tensile strength. Fourth: stable product attributes. In order to prevent all kinds of additives in PVC material, PVC heat transfer vinyl factory strict requirements in the process of material processing technology, and used a lot in line with the environmental standards of raw materials, to increase product activation inert. Fifth: the product conforms to the requirements of environmental protection. PVC heat transfer vinyl manufacturers choose environmental protection raw material through special processing. Want to know more information of PVC heat transfer vinyl, free samples experience, please login the sunrise pyrograph website: (heat transfer vinyl factory This article, the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory original reproduced indicate the source)
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