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Pyrograph and heat transfer vinyl hot way not firm?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Pyrograph and heat transfer vinyl moment not firm reason? Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory at the time of service customers, sometimes customers ask pyrograph stamping rickety problems. For hot stamping is not firm, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory engineers from two aspects, the analysis of the simple reason, hope to be able to help customers solve the problem of pyrograph stamping rickety. 1 a, human reason. Choose the wrong pyrograph products. Different pyrograph application on different bearing hot objects, such as some pyrograph mainly applied on pure cotton fabrics, and some pyrograph is applied on nonwoven cloth or leather, choose pyrograph error affects the effect of hot stamping products. 2. Parameter error in the stamping operation. The three principles: hot stamping temperature, time and pressure. Before hot stamping should first understand the technical parameters, buy pyrograph label with wash water pyrograph and thick plate pyrograph, wash water ma pyrograph hot stamping temperature is 130 - 160℃、6- 12 s, and plate pyrograph hot stamping temperature is 150 - 160 ℃, 5 seconds press the back positive position for 15 seconds, if the thick plate pyrograph with hot stamping temperature 150 ℃, 10 s, then the thermosetting PVC heat transfer vinyl turn hot effect is not ideal, may not be strong. Two, you get what you pay for the quality of product, obviously pyrograph products stamping rickety eliminate human factors, so the most likely cause of problem is pyrograph product quality problems. Pyrograph hot melt adhesive ( Glue layer) Quality instability will appear hot stamping not firm to become warped edge wrinkling problem. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory 20 years focused on thermal transfer material, USES the high quality hot melt adhesive, the production of heat transfer vinyl is after high temperature hot stamping deformation, degumming, the characteristics of high cover; With a professional attitude to provide high-quality products, services and solutions to problems. Above is the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory small make up for the share of pyrograph stamping not firm problem, if you have some problems when using pyrograph or want to know more about thermal transfer material can call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! ( The above articles for the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory original ( ) Thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl manufacturer, 20 years, reprint please indicate the source! )
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