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Pyrograph film hot stamping considerations - — Can print color film, for example

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Attention pyrograph film hot stamping & ndash; — Can print color film as an example. Compared color film and pyrograph materials, it has ten minutes of the instant effect, printing cycle shorter than pyrograph materials. The equipment used is better than simple pyrograph, so a lot of DIY enthusiasts choose color film. The color film in hot stamping should pay attention to what problem. Before the hot stamping should pay attention to what issues? In front of the hot stamping, affirmation is to dark may purchase printing heat transfer vinyl, pay attention to when purchasing of heat transfer vinyl quality, price and other factors, in addition to at the time of purchase heat transfer vinyl should pay attention to details such as heat transfer vinyl transportation also should pay attention to. For example: thermal transfer vinyl without packaging paper tube will lead to serious deformation, material surface drape ( Ruffle) , scratches, transport to the customer's hands, damage may occur. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory dark can print control pressure bulkhead design on both ends of the heat transfer vinyl, plastic film a variety of guarantee, guarantee product extrusion deformation. Advising clients on buying dark can print the heat transfer vinyl should with iron bearing samples first try, so you can know what to buy when the heat transfer vinyl conform to the requirements of the customer's hot stamping. What problem should be paid attention to when hot stamping? In the hot stamping of note hot stamping & other; Three principles & throughout; Three principles, hot stamping is to point to: temperature, pressure, time, the three elements of a cliche. Temperature have the effect of dissolve the hot melt adhesive, glue, pressure to facilitate heat transfer vinyl and substrates, time for heat transfer vinyl adhesive on the dissolution, fusion, the effect of curing. In addition, the choice of the pyrograph machine is also very important. Knife and cutting wood, spray pyrograph machine, carving machine, engraving machine, is about heat transfer vinyl rendering effect is one of the reasons. Heat transfer vinyl ripped from divided into cold tore and hot tear, different ways of ripped from error will affect the hot stamping effect. After hot stamping should note those problems? Dark can print heat transfer vinyl stamping if left in the two aspects of problem, heat transfer vinyl is heat transfer vinyl remaining after placement and bearing hot stamping placement. The remaining heat transfer vinyl should wrap heat transfer vinyl, not bare outside, don't squeeze, not under the condition of high temperature, pay attention to the expiration of the heat transfer vinyl. Hot stamping good clothes do not force fold together, split the placement or use dryer. Above is similar to that of thermal transfer pyrograph color film use notes, want to know more information can log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service sincerely service for you, more fascinating information on hand! ( The above articles, the sunrise by the heat transfer vinyl factory original, for reprint please indicate the source)
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