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Reflective heat transfer vinyl quality?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Reflective heat transfer vinyl quality? About the price of reflective heat transfer vinyl, is bound to think of his brother luminous heat transfer vinyl. The difference between these two kinds of heat transfer vinyl luminous principle, reflective heat transfer vinyl manufacturer is using the optical principle, the light will back reflection to the light source of a particular type of structure; Luminous heat transfer vinyl is just in a dark place will glow, fluoresce green. Small make up to you talk about how reflective heat transfer vinyl quality, in order to use can be fully used. Reflective heat transfer vinyl is closely related to the price and quality, quality can sometimes affect the price. Then we will begin with quality problems. Reflective heat transfer vinyl quality: reflective is reflected light of a special structure of PVC film, reflective performance is close friends certainly so, eye-catching, warning and safety effect, thermal transfer vinyl itself by hot stamping deformation, engraving, cutting, the role of the waste. Reflective heat transfer vinyl is widely applied in the safety warning clothing: such as the traffic police reflective clothing, nocturnal clothing and so on. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory has nine kinds of colour: reflective transparent, reflective yellow, 7 colour glance reflective white, pink, colorful reflective black, reflective silver. Effective thickness is 150 um. . . 400 um, adopt the way of cold to tear. Reflective heat transfer vinyl: common wholesale specification is 50 cm * 25 m ( Volume) = 12. 5 square meters/roll, the same quantity is with preferential treatment, different thickness, different colors may be the price also is different, the specific login thermal transfer material manufacturer's website to find reflective heat transfer vinyl prices sometimes is not only by heat transfer vinyl quality effects, such as import reflective heat transfer vinyl price include heat transfer vinyl freight and taxes and fees, and so on. According to the specific circumstances.
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