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Remember that! PU heat transfer vinyl wholesale and matters needing attention

by:Senxi      2021-01-26
Remember that! PU heat transfer vinyl wholesale note! The heat transfer vinyl types available in the market is very much, if not targeted to understand these features, often end up is the loss of the quality of the product. Followed by the manufacturer to buying large wholesale price advantage, after found alchemists part of quality loss or waste of resources is large. In this small make up warned everyone, choose products need to think twice before, remember not reckless. To this, small make up according to many years experience summary for everyone to choose wholesale manufacturer to err on the side of the way. PU heat transfer vinyl wholesale and matters needing attention: 1, for wholesale manufacturer brand benefit, choose the old factory, year high, manufacturer qualification or nature. Sen, for example, the sunrise pyrograph 21 years experience in thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory, r&d, production, trade into an organic whole, the original auxiliary material is produced 90% self-sufficiency. Equipped with complete facilities, product variety and has a variety of international authoritative inspection certification, such as the IAF, SGS oubiao Oeko - inspection, Germany Tex
100 certification, etc. , the stability of the products and high quality, deeply customer high praise and trust, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory have been interviewed and reported in the press. 2, the field wholesale factory, break the Internet have taken pictures. Sen, for example, the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory has its own production base, has the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory has the current domestic large thermal transfer materials production base, the company self-built 30000 square meters of international standardization workshop, more than 3000 ping spacious office environment and product exhibition center, 6000 - elegant and comfortable environment for life, accommodation, more than 20000 square meters of production workshop. Complete industrial chain from thermal transfer r&d and production of chemical materials, design, development, thermal transfer thermal transfer materials pyrograph mass manufacturing of products, confirm the stability of the product supply, fast delivery and cost optimization; Company has dozens of domestic production equipment: Japan komori four color printing machine, automatic screen printing machine, more than 100 meters of coating and stretch film machine, hydraulic high precision chemical grinding machine, biochemical wastewater treatment equipment and so on, to ensure that each production link of seiko manufacturing and environmental protection and efficient. 3, factory service attitude, and service quality. For example: the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph corporation from the ink, the mucilage coating chemical substrate to the heat transfer heat transfer vinyl, away from the type of film, sublimation paper, color film, hot melt adhesive film, such as thermal transfer material, then to pyrograph, pyrograph machine, carving machine, etc. Products and equipment, to provide one-stop integrated solution, is committed to creating value for textile processing industry. 4, manufacturer product variety, understand its dynamics. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph company product covers: 1, thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl series products: Q1 - Flexible TPU heat transfer vinyl, Q2 - Glitter heat transfer vinyl, Q3 - Laser heat transfer vinyl, Q4 - The metal heat transfer vinyl, Q5 - Can print heat transfer vinyl, Q6 - PVC heat transfer vinyl, Q7 - Flocking heat transfer vinyl, Q8 - Against/luminous heat transfer vinyl; Hot melt adhesive film, heat position paper, etc. ; 2, heat transfer printed pyrograph series products: PET low-temperature pyrograph, offset pyrograph, wash water ma pyrograph, foaming pyrograph, flocking pyrograph, elastic swimsuit pyrograph, reflective pyrograph, non-woven pyrograph, etc; 3, thermal transfer coating chemical series products: hot stamping mold release agent, water-based printing mucilage, solvent ink, thermosetting ink, hot melt glue, and the related auxiliary materials, etc. ; 4, at the same time, also provide all kinds of printing and hot stamping equipment and solutions, the products sell well in the domestic each big provinces and cities, and exported to southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, self-help industry to become the world's thermal transfer materials of high quality suppliers. For small make up for many years of experience, if you want to learn more about, you can login the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory site, or directly call 15359509866! Small make up I will be one to one service for you with all sincerity! I wish you a happy life!
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