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Screen printing machine wholesale

As a professional screen printing machine supplier, Yantai Senxi International Trade Co., Ltd. provides with wholesale screen printing machines with top performance.

1. Smart design for micro registration clamps, easy to print multicolor exactly.

2. Screen printing clamps can rotate independently which is easy operated with higher efficiency.

3. Adjusted double-spring device are available for screen frames of different weight.

4. Aluminium head clamps is light and stable for frames,more beautiful.

5. Screen clamp can be moved up and down, which is suitable for screen frame within 3cm thickness.

6. Right and left micro registration devices for multicolor printing exactly.

7. Front and back micro registration devices for multicolor printing exactly.

8. Tabletop model to save place and convenient for transportation.

9. Big supporting device keeps the machine stable and in balance.

10. Equipped with full set of installing tools, manual instructions, installation and operation videos.

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