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Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory ink manufacturers have these!

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory ink manufacturers have these! Choose the reliable thermal transfer vinyl manufacturer is the inevitable requirement of the customer is one of the factors of heat transfer vinyl quality assurance, can do product should be contented to understand the quality of the heat transfer vinyl and the cautions of stamping products. So small make up to you detail heat transfer vinyl quality and matters needing attention. Thermal transfer film quality includes the following base layer, namely, mold, printing layer, the carrier of the adhesive layer & ndash; — Thermal transfer film, thermal transfer film including pet film, opp film, PVC film, etc. , need to undertake choosing according to the needs of specific product corresponding basilemma, otherwise it will affect the heat transfer products quality. From model layer: it is a mold release agent layer of coating, remain solid at room temperature, in a certain temperature can be melt, and the base layer of cohesive force has shrunk, quickly out of the basement membrane, no adhesive residue. Printing layer: this layer is the root of the thermal transfer products design embodies the aesthetic selection and collocation, the key lies in thermal transfer printing ink thermal transfer process is completed, only printing layer attached on the surface heat transfer products, so the printing material of choice is especially important, slightly do not pay attention to quality can affect thermal transfer products. Adhesive layer: the actual composition is a kind of hot melt adhesive. According to the different substrates, select the corresponding thermal transfer glue. Thermal transfer processing is thermal transfer film transfer printing to a service process, on the surface of the substrates in the process need to pay attention to several questions, otherwise also affects hot stamping product quality. A, keep the machine clean, keep clean, and the important parts of the machine can't with oil and dirt, keep the machine clean, can not be stained with fingerprints and dust and keep clean printing products, no dust, oil, keep processors hands clean, no oil, no sweat; B, hot stamping temperature: hot stamping temperature on thermal transfer has distinct effect on the quality of the product, damaged substrates iron temperature is too high, very hot temperature too low may not be able to reach the normal transfer printing. Hot temperature should be depending on the substrates, flower film, thermal transfer machine to these factors, different materials have different hot temperature. C, hot stamping pressure: hot stamping pressure must adjust to the most appropriate, otherwise too much easy to hurt head and was very hot, too small and hot stamping effect. To adjust to the best stamping pressure should be after adjust the lock, no change in the mass production. D, stamping speed: hot stamping time ( Speed) Should be based on specific stamping content to determine, in guarantee under the condition of hot stamping effect, the faster the higher production efficiency, but some of the products due to the limitation of certain conditions must use slow hot stamping. In know heat transfer vinyl composition and matters needing attention of hot stamping is have a certain knowledge of heat transfer vinyl manufacturer, if you have not understand can climb Lu Senxi heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) , the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service wholeheartedly for your service! Thermal transfer information hand more!
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