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Sen the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl products of vinyl factory

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory & middot; Heat transfer heat transfer vinyl, applied to the heat of textile digital printing high-tech materials, truly achieve instant 10 minutes, we have a lot of products to choose from, experience the unique variety of colors and digital printing effect, the water resistance and wide application field; For any type of shading fabric decoration color and monochrome logo, contains numerous functional clothing fabrics, printed or tens of thousands of individual design, high quality high profits, using ordinary equipment on the market can get! Heat transfer vinyl series products: series of Q1 - Flexible TPU heat transfer vinyl - Q2 series Glitter heat transfer vinyl Q3 - series Laser heat transfer vinyl - Q4 series Fake metal heat transfer vinyl Q5 - series Can print heat transfer vinyl Q6 - series PVC heat transfer vinyl Q7 series - Flocking heat transfer vinyl Q8 - series Reflective/luminous heat transfer vinyl Q10 - Three-dimensional plate heat transfer vinyl lettering print special heat transfer vinyl: Q1 - 1 flexible TPU heat transfer vinyl ( Mold material end) Q1 - Flexible TPU heat transfer vinyl (2 Resin substrate) Q1 - Flexible TPU heat transfer vinyl Q6-7 2 PVC heat transfer vinyl Q9 fabric heat transfer vinyl Q10 three-dimensional plate heat transfer vinyl Q1 - 1 flexible TPU heat transfer vinyl ( Mold material end) Suitable for the design of large-area Numbers, letters and patterns. Q1 - Flexible TPU heat transfer vinyl (2 Resin substrate) Suitable for delicate designs, Numbers and letters. Q1 - 7 flexible TPU heat transfer vinyl for autumn winter clothing, jacket, coat, coat of TPU heat transfer vinyl number printed words. Q6- 2 PVC heat transfer vinyl is of full handle, tensile, cover, high surface matte effect. Q9 heat transfer vinyl fabric is suitable for Numbers, letters and patterns. Q10 three-dimensional plate heat transfer vinyl: shoes, logo logo special membrane. Fashion decoration heat transfer vinyl: Q2 glitter heat transfer vinyl ( Thin/thick) Q4 plating heat transfer vinyl Q7 flocking heat transfer vinyl glitter heat transfer vinyl, with soft handle, can be stretched, cover, high surface brightness glitter effect. Electroplating heat transfer vinyl: after plating processing of metal effect, the feel is hale and hearty. Flocking heat transfer vinyl: has the ultra silky soft tactility, adapted to the high fashion clothing. Special function heat transfer vinyl: Q1 - Heat transfer vinyl Q1-3 bead light/light 4 the sublimation heat transfer vinyl Q1 - 5 thin play high heat transfer vinyl Q8 luminous/reflective heat transfer vinyl bead light/light heat transfer vinyl, the effect of surface with pearl or light, soft handle. Sublimation heat transfer vinyl, effectively prevent pervades disperse dye sublimation heat transfer vinyl surface. High elastic thin heat transfer vinyl, suitable for application in close-fitting clothing, such as: swimming costumes, sports shorts and seamless underwear reflective heat transfer vinyl: when there is a light source light, can produce strong reflective and marked effect, is widely used in security warning costumes, such as: traffic police reflective clothing, nocturnal clothing and so on; Can print color thermal transfer vinyl ( DIY color film) :Q5 - Q5-1 light color can be printed color film The dark can print 2 color film Q5 collection light color can be printed color film, with super soft handle, good elasticity, translucent shape, suitable for use a light fabric. Dark can print color film with soft handle, good elasticity, pure white film shape, is suitable for on the dark fabric. The sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory ( Fujian) Pyrograph technology co. , LTD. Address: jinjiang city of fujian province economic development zone, The five garden) Source road no. 7 in the web site: free sample: 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers)
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