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Service the integration of heat transfer vinyl wholesale manufacturers

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Heat transfer vinyl wholesale company service! Heat transfer vinyl wholesale dealer is different from heat transfer vinyl manufacturer, heat transfer vinyl wholesale factory is set research and development & ndash; Test & ndash; Production & ndash; Development in the integration of factory, the supply of thermal transfer products and provides solutions of thermal transfer materials. Focus on service sports apparel industry, smart digital hot stamping icon! Heat transfer vinyl type on the market is very much, it is according to the different transfer printing material derived by the series. Common heat transfer vinyl are as follows: 1000 series: flexible TPU heat transfer vinyl 2000 series: color green heat transfer vinyl 3000 series: laser heat transfer vinyl 4000 series: the metal heat transfer vinyl, Heat transfer vinyl plating) 5000 series: can print color thermal transfer vinyl 6000 series: PVC heat transfer vinyl 7000 series: flocking heat transfer vinyl 8000 series: 9000 series: reflective luminous heat transfer vinyl fabric heat transfer vinyl, then, when we are familiar with the product wholesale manufacturers how to choose? A, see manufacturers & other; Throughout career &; Year, ginger or old spicy! The principle of the eternal. Second, watch manufacturer & other; Production strength & throughout; A glass of water, will overflow is full. To accommodate more, only by constantly change container, can absorb more water. Three, & other Lookers-on see most of the & throughout; Specialized production factory, there is no professional qualification and certification, brand can only be taihe big difference, almost. Four, & other; Service characteristics & throughout; In this era of fast rhythm, not some have gone features, is to attract customers the crowd. If you have other questions, you can insert Lu Senxi pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory website, or direct contact with the 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) , the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service wholeheartedly for your service! Can go to the factory, free samples of experience, more fascinating information will be used by your hand!
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